Automatic bagging machine with volumetric batcher

Especially for gardening soil, gravel, compost and granules of same kind. Automatic system for bag feeding, filling and closing (impulse-sealing). The compact-designed with a minimum space serves to improve packing works and to save labor costs. This is really a kind of smallest auto-bagging machine.

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Capacity (bags/hour) 300
Bag materials Mono-polyethylene bag
Bag size available (mm) L600-800✕W400-500, Thickness 0.12-0.15
Filled capacity (liter) 20-40
Power required (kW) 5.5
Air consumption (Nℓ/min.) 400 (0.5MPa)

※Depending on products, bag size and materials.


  • ・Fully automatic system from bag feeding, filling, closing (impulse seal), to delivery.
  • ・Incorporating a volumetric or weighing scale (volumetric only for 3CM-52M)
  • ・Compact design minimizes a space required for installation.
  • ・Efficient for improving work condition and saving labor.
  • ・Simple to operate only with press button operation.