1. 1 Compliance with laws and ordinances
  2. In recognition of the importance of personal information, NEWLONG MACHINE WORKS, LTD. (Hereunder mentioned NEWLONG) complies with the Personal Information Protection Act, laws concerning the use of specific numbers for identifying individuals for government procedures, Guidelines Concerning the Personal Information Protection Act. Furthermore, NEWLONG complies with the Guidelines Concerning Protection of Personal Information in Telecommunications Businesses created by an accredited personal information protection organization.

  3. 2 Acquisition of personal information
  4. NEWLONG shall acquire personal information, etc. by appropriate and fair means. Except in cases where it is permitted to treat it as an exception by laws and ordinances, the purpose of use shall be expressly or publicly disclosed or notified promptly after acquisition.
    The scope of personal information, etc. acquired by NEWLONG shall not exceed the limits necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
    NEWLONG obtains the consent of the customer when obtaining information stipulated by law as sensitive personal information.

  5. 3 Purpose for Use of Personal Information
  6. Information possessed by NEWLONG may be mutually utilized beyond the extent necessary for fulfilling its intended purpose of use for each service and operation.

  7. 4 Disclosure and provision of information to a third party
  8. NEWLONG will not disclose or provide personal customer information to any third parties except under the following circumstances. Also, customers’ personal information including sensitive information will not be disclosed or provided to third parties under any circumstances, unless allowed by laws and regulations or by consent of the customer. Note that provision of information to data sharing partners and business entrusted companies are not deemed to constitute disclosure or provision to third parties.

  9. 5 Management of Personal Information
  10. NEWLONG take measures to control access to personal information, limit means for taking personal information outside the office, and prevent unauthorized external access. We also take measures to prevent personal information being leaked, lost or damaged and other necessary and appropriate measures for personal information security management.
    Regarding the safety management measures of personal information, etc., it is separately stipulated in the internal rules.
    When the purpose of use of personal information, etc. has been achieved, and the retention period stipulated in the governing law is passed, the NEWLONG will promptly discard and erase personal information, etc

  11. 6 Disclosure and provision of relevant personal data
  12. If requested by a customer or his/her agent to make a revision, etc. of relevant personal data, NEWLONG will conduct an investigation without delay. NEWLONG will promptly perform the revision, etc. (revision, addition, deletion, stoppage of use, and stoppage of provision to third parties) inappropriate.

  13. 7 Improvement of company structure
  14. Based on this privacy policy, NEWLONG will improve internal regulations and indicate policies clearly for the handling of personal information to executive and employees. In addition, NEWLONG will upgrade the company’s internal structure to audit for the handling of personal information

  15. 8 Usage in a form that cannot identify an individual person.
  16. NEWLONG may use personal information as in a form that cannot identify an individual person for secure of personal information for improving quality of product and service.

  17. 9 Review
  18. Regarding the handling of personal information, we will review and improve the contents of each item as appropriate.

  19. 10 Contact Us
  20. Inquiries regarding this privacy policy are accepted by the following departments:

    NEWLONG MACHINE WORKS, LTD. Information Management Department
    4-14, Higashi-ueno 6-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0015, Japan