Compactly designed automatic Bagging System.

Especially for rice, wheat or grain. Automatic system for bag feeding (by means of swing system), bag forming, and bag closing.

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Capacity (bags/hour) max,250(depending on products, bag size and bag materials)
Bag Materials Kraft paper bag, and PE bag
Bag Size Available (mm) L750-850 × W420 × GW76 (Kraft paper bags)
L550-750 × W400-520 × 0.18-0.25t (Polyethylene bags)
Filled Weight (kg) 20-30
Power Required (kW) Approx.3.0 for sewing machine (5.3 in case of heat sealer)
Air consumption (Nℓ/min,0.5MPa.) Approx.200
Machine Weight (kg) 1300-1800

※Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

※Depending on products, bag size and materials.


  • Bag inversion device
  • Sample packer
  • Number printer
  • Filler cord guide
  • Air compressor
  • Net weighing scale