The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are international goals to be achieved by the world adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. NEWLONG Group is committed to solve problems for the realization of sustainable society through our business products and works.

Eco-friendly flexo printing machine

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Water-based inks are used in flexo printing machine which has the advantage of being Eco-friendly to the global environment and work environment because it significantly reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds. We will continue to actively involved in the spread of water-based flexo printing machine which is expected to grow further as a printing method that can reduce safety and environmental impact.

Plastic waste issue and bag-making business

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The movement to reducing plastic waste and becoming a plastic-free society is spreading on a global scale, and the fee or plastic bags has started in Japan. Paper bags are getting attention as an alternative product because it can be recycled by collecting or separating. We promote to establish Recycling-based Society through our bag-making business.

Copper foil for Earth-friendly batteries

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Demand for lithium-ion batteries is growing as a Global environment battery. NEWLONG Akita is engaged in research and development of solving world energy problems through manufacturing of copper foil for lithium-ion batteries.

Paperless Initiative

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We have introduced paperless meetings by using tablet terminals. We are working to reduce an environmental impact by improving efficiency of business and optimizing paper usage.

Development of working environment

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We have developed a support system tailored to a various work style, such as shorter hours working, time difference clock-in, elimination of long working hours, promoting active to taking day off. We have introduced LED lighting equipment turned off during breaks and when not in use, and implemented the "Cool Biz" Campaign etc. to create a comfortable working environment.

For next-generation society

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Newlong supports Seiwa international student scholarship foundation. The Seiwa foundation supports students and contributes to develop human resources who take responsibility for the future SDGs.