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Copper foil PRODUCTS TO BE BAGGED PRODUCTS TO BE BAGGED Copper foil Sealer menu (food products) Sealer menu (vertical band sealer) Models (Model BD+7P, etc) Copper foil Air shafts
Electrodeposited copper foil is used in PCB (print circuit board) for mobile telephones, heat-sealers sealing foodstuff packages and most of industrial machinery. Newlong produce both of the copper foil plant and the heat sealers. Newlong Airshafts are also used in the plant making the PCB. Since 1955, Newlong have supplied machinery and equipments to most of fundamental industry whole of the world.


policy outline
Newlong's core business element consists of
four engineering units and three types of network.
Printing Machinery Engineering Printing Machinery Engineering
CI Flexographic Printing Press
(MPEG-1 797kb)
Stack Type Flexographic Printing Press
In-line Flexographic Printing Press
Gravure Printing Press
Mounter Proofer
Bag Making Machinery Engineering Bag Making Machinery Engineering
Multi-Wall Paper Bag Making Machine
(MPEG-1 1,167kb)
Roll Fed Type SOS Bag Making Machine
Sheet Fed Type SOS Bag Making Machine
  Plastic Bag Making Machine
Converting Machinery Engineering Converting Machinery Engineering
Air Shaft
(MPEG-1 588kb)
Ceramic Anilox Roll
Production Machinary of Electro deposited CopperFoil
Bagging & Packaging Machinery Engineering Bagging & Packaging Machinery Engineering
Automatic Bagging Machine
(MPEG-1 5,550kb)
Heat Sealer
Tying Machine

Bag Sewing Machine Bag Sewing Machine
Bag Sewing Machine Head
Carpet Overedging Machine Head
Bag Closing Machine Bag Closing Machine
Bag Closing Machine Head
Portable Bag Closer
Production & Service Network Production & Service Network
25 Domestic Service Stations Work Closely Connected To The Head Office.
Global Network

Global Network
About 20 Overseas Branches Make Packaging Systems To Global Standards

Research & Development Network Research & Development Network

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