Ceramic Anilox Roll

Ceramic Anilox Roll

Fine flexographic printing is achieved by long wear resistant hard ceramic anilox roll.

To actualize fine flexographic printing, precision anilox rolls are needed. Newlong have been supplying the rolls for long time, accumulating our technology. The stable and precise cell structure, line counts and cell depth which controlled by computerized laser engraving system, are our characteristics.

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Variety Of Use For Coating Rolls, ETC.

It is not only used as flexographic anilox roll, but also as gluing roll, lacquering roll, gravure solid printing roll and other coating applications.

Rapid Sales Action Through Our Own Complete Production Line Which Has Been Achieved First In Japan

Newlong has all the production facilities for the process from steel base roll fabricating to ceramic coating, polishing by diamond wheel, supper finish, laser engraving, precision polishing and inspection. Newlong can also renew customers' used anilox roll (chrome and mechanically engraved) into ceramic and laser engraved roll.

Remarkable Long Wear Resistant Hard Ceramic.

Choosing ceramic of good quality as wearing durability and anti-corrosion, it is sprayed in 200μ-300μ on the surface of steel roll which is later laser engraved. The ceramic roll have 20-30 times longer life time than ordinary chrome plated roll.

Precision Finish Polishing And Remarkable Transference Of Ceramic.

Precision finish polishing realize stable transference of ink etc. and minimize doctor blade wearing and damage. The ceramic anilox roll has better ink transference than chrome roll.

Variety Of Cell Structure Meet To Your Requirement.

requirement by laser engraving super polished ceramic surface.

Accurate Control Of The Cell Volume.

The existing anilox roll's cell volume is determined automatically by the structure and line counts, but ceramic laser engraved rolls' cell volume can be increased or decreased by choosing freely the line counts, depth and cell angel. Therefore it is the most important to measure the cell volume. Newlong send the following data to customers with the ordered ceramic roll.  

  • Cell structure:Photo by
  • Cell depth:Chart by measuring of
  • roughness Cell volume:Measured by KAGAYA METHOD(under patent application.)

Perfect After Sales Services.(ULTRASONIC CLEANING SERVICE)

To perform after sales services is Newlong policy. It is possible to clean up by ultrasonic cleaner not only ordinally ink stuff but also two pot reaction ink stuff and we can use the roll again. The cleaning can be applied for the both of ceramic anilox roll and chrome roll.

Newlong Can Present The Most Experienced Anilox Roll Technical Services.

Newlong have the most experience because of long time involvement in this field and can satisfy customers with technical services and after sales services. Laser engraved anilox rolls, unordinary wearing of doctor blade and fountain roll, irregular coating volume, and trouble of transferring ink. Many questions will be solved when brought to Newlong.