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May 1955


¥ 300,000,000


Yasuhiro Kondou



Business Items

Production, sales, and engineering works for Bagging machinery, Bag making machinery, Industrial sewing machines, Printing Presses, and Converting machinery

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Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank


1948 Mar.

A private business, Cho Sewing Machine Repairing Works for industrial sewing machine was incorporated to Cho Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. jointly represented by both of Mr. Yuzaburo Cho and Mr. Yasuhiro Kondo, CEO.

1955 May.

Kowa Seitai Co.,Ltd. which has developed to the present Newlong Machine Works, Ltd. changed the name into new Cho Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. and Yasuhiro Kondo, CEO managed sales assets of the former Cho Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. (present Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd.)

1960 May.

Signed a technical license agreement of shopping bag making machines and flexographic printing presses with Gartemann & Hofmann GmbH, Germany,.

1964 Jan.

Domestic branches became 10 offices.


Cho Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. renamed as Newlong Machine Works, Ltd.

1966 Jul.

Established Manila Office (present Newlong Machine Philippines Inc.)

1970 Jan.

Established Taichung Office (present Newlong Taiwan Machine Co.)

1971 Feb.

Established Newlong Nissei Co., Ltd.

1973 Aug.

Capital increased to ¥100 million.

1976 Jul.

Established Newlong Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

1978 Sep.

Established American-Newlong Inc. in Indianapolis, USA

1982 Oct.

Established Newlong Malaysia Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

1983 Nov.

Established Newlong Holland B.V. in the Netherlands.

1983 Jun. Established Newlong Engineering Co., Ltd.

1984 Aug.

Established Newlong (Thailand) Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand.

1987 May.

Established Newlong (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong.

1990 Feb.

Established Seiwa International Students Scholarship Foundation to assist foreign Students studying in Japan.


Established Newlong Giken Co.,Ltd.

1991 Apr.

Domestic branch offices became 25 offices.

1993 May.

Established Newlong Packaging Machinery (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in Beijing, China.

1996 Oct.

Capital became ¥300 million.

1997 May.

Established Newlong Akita Co., Ltd.

1999 Nov.

Established PT. Newlong Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia.

2000 Dec. Established Newlong de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
2003 Oct. Newlong Nissei Co.,Ltd. was merged into Newlong Kowa Co.,Ltd. The name was Changed into Newlong Kashiwa Co.,Ltd.
2008 (June 2008 term) ¥12,326million ( Exporting record ¥4,553million)
2009 (June 2009 term) ¥9,283million ( Exporting record ¥3,271million)
2010 (June 2010 term) ¥9,078million ( Exporting record ¥2,935million)
2011 (June 2011 term) ¥9,207million ( Exporting record ¥2,949million)
2012 (June 2012 term) ¥9,509million ( Exporting record ¥2,829million)

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